ComicCon – Been a Blast and I’m Sooooo Ready to Go Home

Amazing weekend and my brain is cooked, baked, fried, and ready for the trash compactor. A good writing break but truly, I’m eager to get back to writing/finishing this book.

Saw all sorts of friends, colleagues, etc. Hung out with [info]kradical a bit as he sold copious quantities of his awesome Farscape graphic novel and comix. (A definitely MUST read if you’re a fan of Keith and/or Farscape).

Best panel: “We Control The Vertical” A good dozen TV Writer/Producer types discussing the challenges of writing for what I’ve come to consider the best medium of all for strong story.

Kewlest encounter: Stan Lee
2nd coolest: Martin Wood and Amanda Tapping
Best teaser-trailer: Stargate Universe

Of course, my new R2 pal was truly the best of the best.

More photos on my LJ Gallery and a few more over at my facebook.

ComicCon Insanity… Err, Just What IS Cosplay?

In the final throes of packing, prepping, plotting.  Today’s mission: Critique student scripts.  Complete correspondence.  Clean house…

You get the idea and yeah, working on the book when I have more than 10 minutes of calm at a time.

In the meantime, I’ve been looking through the schedule and have come up with preliminary plans.  This doesn’t include the copious hours I plan on spending roaming through the vendor hall(s) and peeking in on whatever comes my way.  If you’re planning on going to ComicCon SD and reading this, hit me up on my Twitter account: @digitalred93.


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So Why the ‘Hardly Silent’ Film Category?

Springfield’s grown up quite a bit in the past few years when it comes to developing a film community. The upside is getting to see a great many clever — and oftentimes, groundbreaking — shorts produced right in our own backyard. That’s what shorts are for: experimentation, developing new production AND storytelling techniques, opportunities for local talent in front of and behind the camera to stretch.

But here’s the thing…

Springfield isn’t just a one ‘art’ town. Besides film, there’s a serious music community here ranging from up and coming trends to bluegrass to classical, etc. There’s singers in this town who can perform acapella in such perfect pitch that you gotta wonder if there’s something in the local water. There’s also insanely funny improv groups who, if given the right motivation, could create a symphony of sound effects that would put STOMP or Michael Winslow to shame.

That’s where the ‘Hardly Silent’ Film category comes in. It’s an opportunity to break out of the traditional short film style and create a visual element accompanied by live sound that enhances the experience in a way unique to Springfield.

So consider crafting a short – no more than 5 minutes – which allows for an entirely different audio experience. If you’re having trouble coming up with the live sound element, contact our Music/Sound Coordinator at AT and when you’re ready, visit festival site at to submit your film.

Think of it this way, you have the next ten days to focus only on the visuals.

Imagine the possibilities.