So little to do, so much time to do it in

Strike that, reverse it…

Quite a few friends are posting their TO DO lists on their blogs, Livejournals, Facebooks, etc. I’ve actually enjoyed reading them as it gives me a sense of how everyone fares while insanity ensues. So here goes my turn:

1. Grade 3 massive student projects
2. Read/Critique/Grade 8 thirty-page screenplays
3. Prepare dough for 24 hour No Knead Bread
Awesome stuff.  Bake this bread and then freeze it. When ready to eat, just pop in the oven @ 300 for 15 minutes.

4. Laundry – every blanket in the house
5. Wrap Fig Trees in preparation for snow/ice storm
6. Decorate Kitchen (Living Room already done)
7. Rewrite an abstract for a conference paper
8. Plug a story hole in an outline at the editor’s request

1. Read/Critique/Grade 8 thirty-page screenplays
2. Clean shelves throughout house
3. Work more on outline revisions

1. Read/Critique/Grade 8 thirty-page screenplays
2. Get car serviced
3. Nail outline
4. Bake Seven Layer Cookies

Seven Layer Cookies - YUM!

Three days is enough for now — I’ll update as I go along.  Obviously, the above (and what’s to come) will require equal doses of lunacy and Legavullin).