The Electric Kool-Aid E-Book Test

Like pretty much every techno-readaholic on the planet, I’ve been ‘in the market’ for an eBook reader for quite some time. Not because I can instantly get books (versus an almost 2 hour drive RT). Not because I can carry dozens of books around on one lightweight device, but because I’m sick and tired of wearing glasses when I read. Between the easy-on-the-eyes eInk and the ability to increase the font size, the eBook reader and I are made for each other.

Of course, my imagination goes to other possibilities as well. As a screenwriting professor, I suffer from guilt every semester when I have to ask my students to kill small forests — all in the name of our workshops where dialogue and action are read aloud and the critiques involve rapid fire notations taken during said readings. A device which allowed edits and critiques would be more than amazing. Heck, it’d be good for the environment! In fact, something like this CourseSmart Tablet Concept would be PERFECT.
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