Stargate Novels Goes to Chicago

creationOne more week and then it’s off to Chicago for the Stargate Creation Con (August 14-16).  Fandemonium — who publishes the Stargate novels — will be there with bells and whistles on (in other words, with some of their most awesome authors including Sally Malcolm, Laura Harper, Melissa Scott,  and Jo Graham). Yours truly  will be there too as of Friday night ’til Monday morning.

To keep things interesting, not only will we have a booth for folks to swing by for some one-on-one hellos (and to buy our books, please — buy a book, feed an author), but we’re breaking up our ‘organized’ time with the readers/fans this year into two sessions:

Get To Know the Readers
Saturday, August 15th
8:30 am – Westin Gastropub
I’m excited about this one.  Sure, we authors have plenty to say (and will the next day), but this is an opportunity to hear what the readers think about the franchise, the books, their interests, etc.  Meeting and getting to know folks at the cons is one of the most inspirational parts of an author’s job — it keeps us writing. Seriously. Those opportunities in which we get to discover other beings beyond our little lives, in our little offices, at our little desks where we pound away at keyboards… Well, that’s priceless.

Get to Know the Stargate Authors
Sunday, August 16th

I’ve pulled back on the quantity of cons I’m visiting this year to focus on getting my health back on track AND so I could work on making Stargate SG-1’s first adventure AFTER the series (and films) be as wild (and crazy) as possible.  The only other con I will be doing for the remainder of this year is the wonderful Delta H Con in Houston at the end of August. I’ll be involved with quite a few panels for that one so stay tuned for more details.

logo640wOn the subject of staying tuned… I’ll have some big news in a few weeks involving the Dial Home Podcast — a new podcast series.  It’s a joint venture with David Read, my former Gateworld Podcast co-host.  Don’t want to give away the store until we have the proverbial shelves built so in the meantime, consider signing up for the newsletter so that when we launch, you’ll be among the first to know.


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