Beaming up to TrekFan, Stepping Through the Gate

Remember my earlier post about how I live my life as a human doing, not a human being?  Two auto-immune diseases have slowed me down, but that doesn’t mean I’m dead.  I’m above crawl-speed, I just haven’t returned to warp-speed yet.

trekfanSo!  First thing to share is that if you’re a Trek fan, I’ll be joining the weekly watch-along tonight (Friday, July 10th) at 9:30pm, ET.  They run a 24/7 chat room and tonight’s episode is… you guessed it: Rascals.  While I’ve mentioned the story before behind how our script changed into a transporter-accident trope, there’s other elements that never made it off the page and onto the screen. I’ll talk about those tonight as well as other aspects of the writing process. Hope to see you there.  It’s a text-driven aka Internet Relay Chat system.  Should be fun.

scribeawardSan Diego Comic Con is in full swing and while it feels odd not to be there this year, there’s something to be said for hanging out with a bunch of fellow Trek fans, sipping a nice glass of something cold, and geeking out over a much-loved franchise. The Scribe Awards will be presented tonight at SDCC and I’m looking forward to seeing which of my fellow (and amazing) media tie-in writers receive the awards. It’s been a great honor to be nominated for “Perceptions.” The other nominees craft such outstanding work that it’s all a bit humbling.

carterhammondMy latest Stargate SG-1 novel is moving along.  Formerly known as “Enemy of My Enemy,” it’s since been retitled to “The Many & the Few.”  That will all make sense what you’ve had a chance to read it.  For right now, I can say that progress isn’t at lightspeed, but it’s happening.  I just finished a scene between Sam and Vala. Both of these women have wonderfully strong personalities.  They’ve each got such great agency — such individuality and ability to do the right thing. It’s a treat writing the two of them together especially since I’ve always felt that Vala had so much untapped potential that went far behind the old trope of “the ‘whore’ with the golden heart.”  She’s direct. Smart. Witty.  Sam’s a great role model and friend for her, and with Janet Fraiser gone (sigh), Sam needs someone to talk to and no, not about what you might think – hello, Bechdel Test anyone? Sam doesn’t need to talk about guys with Vala. She needs to talk about life, the universe, what’s at stake. Each of these characters has distinct insights.  It’s about time the two had a serious discussion while planning how they’re going to save Earth and the galaxy at large.

That’s about it from this end of the galaxy.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to step through the Stargate’s event horizon and slack off for a bit.  Okay, not the horizon. My swimming pool. But if I scrunch my eyes just right, I can pretend I’m stepping through the gate instead of just getting wet and going for a swim.




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