Top 10 Reasons to go to Antarctica

Reason #10: To find out if Antarctic Snow Ice Cream tastes different.
Reason #9: The Int’l Antarctic treaty requires you keep a sizeable distance from wildlife. Penguins, however, haven’t read the treaty. They waddle right up to you!
Reason #8: 2 days down to Antarctica, 2 days back through the Drake Passage. 30 foot waves. Bring it on!
Reason #7: After 15 yrs of watching cows calving, watching icebergs calve will be a whole new thing.
Reason #6: In Antarctica there is no Facebook. No Twitter. No Intertubes.
Reason #5: If Antarctica is at the bottom of the world, does this mean I can drop off the face of the Earth?
Reason #4: To be reminded I’m a citizen of Planet Earth, not just my little corner of it.
Reason #3: There’s only so many times one can use the word “cold.”
Reason #2: Since I can’t afford a flight to the Moon, Antarctica is the next best thing.
Reason #1: To experience this…