Stargate “Four Dragons” – New Cover Art, Sneak Preview, and Release Date!

We have a release date!

Stargate SG-1: Four Dragons is at the printers and will be available for purchase from Fandemonium Press on August 20th.  A few days after that, the books will ship.  By the end of the month, Four Dragons should be in bookstores (and in the hands of all the folks who pre-ordered it).

Better yet, the cover has been tweaked back to the original design by the awesome Lindsey Allen.  Jack is far more contemplative (and dare I say, a bit more unnerved) which fits the storyline far more appropriately.

Cover by Lindsey Allen

And lastly, a bit of a preview for those of you who don’t like to wait.  I’ve uploaded the Prelude for Stargate SG-1’s Four Dragons.  Enjoy!

For more information on where the book fits in the series, links to the relevant episodes on Hulu, and bits of background information on the storyline including the Chinese game of Weiqi aka Go, visit my SG-1 Four Dragons Page.