A New Year – An Old But New Con

A belated yet warm happy new years to everyone! I was down for the count during the holidays thanks to a nasty reaction to some extreme allergy medicine (yeah, Houston is teeming with life — even more so than Missouri.  Who’d a thought it?)

Like everyone else, I have my new year’s resolutions as well — there’s a deliberate theme here, one of balance.  If you’re going to do MORE of something then certainly there has to be LESS of something else.  So…

  • Do less of everything. Do better at the things that matter.
  • Stress less. Smile more.
  • Read less. Write more.
  • Facebook less. Email more.
  • Less refined food. More fresh food. Chocolate, of course, remains the exception.  (You were expecting else wise?)


I’m off to a new Space City Con tomorrow.  This time down in Galveston.  Books, scripts, and a few other goodies to sign are packed and ready in the car.  Saturday will be mostly a signing books and gabbing with attendees sorta day.  On Sunday, I’ll host a Q&A with Jason Momoa (Stargate Atlantis, Game of Thrones, Conan, The Red Road).


 Of course my number one question will be how he — as Drago —  prepared for the speech in Game of Thrones that nearly broke the Intertubes.  Namely, this one:

The August Space City Con was an exceptional experience — far better than San Diego ComicCon thanks to hardworking volunteers, exuberant guests, and some of the most engaging attendees I’ve met in my past ten years of con attendance.  I had the honor of hosting two Q&A sessions:

A two-hour session with Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis cast members including Alexis Cruiz (Skaara), Tori Higgenson (Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell), John Delancie (Yes, Q! Known in the Stargate universe as Col. Frank Simmons), Marshall Teague (Col. Cromwell), Jewel Staite (Dr. Jennifer Keller), and the very awesome Robert Picardo (Richard Woolsey).

And an extraordinary one-on-one with John Delancie where we covered everything from his work on Star Trek and Stargate to My Little Pony to the extraordinary lengths he went to upon witnessing the Kent State Massacre.

Videos recorded and provided by Forever Productions.

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