Epilogue Goes to Bogota

One of the great things about web series is the reach.  The Internet has made sure of that. As a fan of the medium, I’ve had the opportunity to watch series from all over the world. There’s great stuff out there.

In return, the world has had the opportunity to watch a series that  I, along with a cast and crew of 100 from Missouri State University and the Springfield, Missouri area worked our tails off on, namely Epilogue.columbia

Thanks to the world viewing this little series, Epilogue is now an official selectee in Bogota, Columbia’s Sabana University’s Audio-Visual Festival which begins today (March 10th).  I am traveling down there today along with my partner in crime and fellow executive producer, Dr. Deborah Larson. We are both looking forward to seeing shorts and web series from around the world, and I am particularly looking forward to getting feedback on peoples’ impressions of Epilogue. I first conceived the project 3 1/2 years ago and along with a great many creative, talented people, managed to bring it to life. To know that it still has a life is pretty cool. It’s going to be a long, strange, and I suspect wonderful trip.

See you on the other side!

Update: Here’s a gallery of photos from the trip.