Houston Workshops and More Accolades for Epilogue


For the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to run writing workshops at various conferences and conventions all around the U.S. Beginning this Wednesday, I’m ‘going native’ – Running a series of writing workshops on everything from Crafting the Compelling Novel to Rewrites and more.  I’ll be working in conjunction with an adult learning company here.  For more information, visit my page on Writing Workshops.

Houston’s been a great place to meet engineers, scientists, astronomers… You get the point.  It’ll be great to meet and work with some right-brainers for a change.


epilogue2015Believe it or not, Epilogue is now an official selectee for TWO more festivals – both out of the U.S.A. It’s incredible that this series — which went into production nearly three years ago — is still going strong.

Vancouver Web Festival – March 6th through the 8th.
The Sabana University International Audio-Visual Festival in Bogota, Columbia – March 12th

Fantastically crazy, but thinking back on how hard everyone worked, and how much heart & soul was poured into this little time travel web series (including by yours truly), it’s not a big surprise.  It’s amazing what happens when you shut out the world around you and focus on what you love to do — whether it be writing, filmmaking, writing computer code, or heck — making a loaf of bread!


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