5 Years Later? Yeah, I still miss my Pop

Ward Botsford, Author, Classical Music Producer
June 22, 1928 – April 1, 2004

Yes –  I’m about to get introspective.  I’m about to stop the clock for a moment, look around, and think…

“My Gods, has my Dad really been gone 5 years?”

As much as we may try, most of us leave this planet without making as much as a dent.  Not so much for my dad.  I’m not sure if there’s anything he didn’t accomplish in his 76 years.   Life was a grand adventure and he lived it to its fullest.   No sitting around, no wasting time, no waiting to see what life could throw at him.  Dad sought out each and every experience, knowing that life’s too short and for all we know, we only live once.

He’s been gone 5 years but he’s still here.  Still nudging me, poking me, laughing with me.  Most of all, still teaching me that yes,  LIFE’S TOO SHORT.

Make the most of it.

PS: If you’re interested in reading about this most awesome man, there’s a tribute over at the Classical Music Guide.