When We’re Denied the Right To Learn

I know — most of us take this right (or privilege, though that’s not really the point of this post) for granted.  As children, we went to elementary school.  It was expected.

As teens, we went to high school.  Again, with the expectations.

As adults, many of us went on to college.

Bottom line, we received education.   Call it good, or bad, at least we had the opportunity.  Not so for girls in the Middle East.  A few headlines to underline my point:
IRAQ: Number of girls attending school dropping
Iraq: Girls Denied Education
Al-Qaeda plan to destroy girls’ school in Tarmiyah thwarted

Bombs built into schools to punish girls for learning.  Young women gunned down as they eagerly walk to school in hopes of expanding their minds.  Young girls raped as punishment for daring to dream.

I’ve been aware of this phenomena (sic) for a while but the reports have becoming more frequent as of late so as of late, I’ve become more sick to my stomach when I read this stuff.  Sitting here in the U.S., my own precious daughter soaking up her college education with zeal, I can’t help but want the same for all women.  I want it badly enough that I scoured the internet yesterday, looking for an organization to contribute either money or time to… none exist.  Oh sure, there’s Unicef.  But their focus seems to be predominately in Africa, when it comes to education.  Believe me, I want young African women to have education access as well… but I’m not reading/hearing much about their very lives being threatened for trying.  It’s more a case of resources being available.

I’m safely ensconced at a University where I have some terrifically talented young woman under my tutelage, yet there’s no way to ensure these rights apply to a region of the world where my tax dollars are going and where my friend’s sons, daughters, husbands and wives are putting their lives on the line.  I’m sorry, but I find that unacceptable.  What the hell are we fighting for if not to ensure liberty for all, especially in the form of learning?

If I’m wrong, and there is an organization out there, someone please — let me know.

One thought on “When We’re Denied the Right To Learn

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more – and sadly, I don’t know of any such organisations.

    And what makes it even worse, for me, is the wasted opportunities I see day in, day out – kids in the west really don’t know how lucky they are, yet you try telling them that there are children in other countries who are desperate an education and their reaction is generally one of scorn.

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