ComicCon – Been a Blast and I’m Sooooo Ready to Go Home

Amazing weekend and my brain is cooked, baked, fried, and ready for the trash compactor. A good writing break but truly, I’m eager to get back to writing/finishing this book.

Saw all sorts of friends, colleagues, etc. Hung out with [info]kradical a bit as he sold copious quantities of his awesome Farscape graphic novel and comix. (A definitely MUST read if you’re a fan of Keith and/or Farscape).

Best panel: “We Control The Vertical” A good dozen TV Writer/Producer types discussing the challenges of writing for what I’ve come to consider the best medium of all for strong story.

Kewlest encounter: Stan Lee
2nd coolest: Martin Wood and Amanda Tapping
Best teaser-trailer: Stargate Universe

Of course, my new R2 pal was truly the best of the best.

More photos on my LJ Gallery and a few more over at my facebook.