Stargate Universe: Yes, It’s Getting Better

rdasguGiven time, I think SGU has terrific potential as the heir to the franchise.  The third episode was by and large, MUCH better than parts 1 and 2, simply because there was a driving plot line and several key character throughlines were firmly established.  I’m having problems with Lt. Scott (his background, his ‘excesses’) and I expected to have problems with Sgt. Greer (but after last night’s episode, he’s quickly becoming a favorite along with Col. Young and Eli).

Not sure if any of you have seen the third episode yet, but I thought Richard Dean Anderson did a great job taking a very small scene and giving us a bit of progression for Jack O’Neill.  He says something that I found to be a fascinating insight.  It’s an itty bitty, tiny character moment but it definitely makes you stop and think about how Jack views his past experiences and his current command. (No Spoilers here – go watch it!  It’s free on Hulu, for crying out loud!)

If they can give Jack/RDA some moments like that every few episodes, I think its worth watching to see his character IF he, too, gets to grow a bit. The operative word is IF.

The next two-parter, ‘Darkness’ and ‘Light,’ are directed by Peter DeLuise who’s a stronger actor’s director than the pilot director (Andy Mikita, best known for his confidant camera techniques).  That alone has me convinced we’re in for a ride worth watching.