ComicCon ’10 – THIS is what it’s all about

Late report, but worth a mention.

Yes, the lines were too long, but the networking and collaborative spirit were high. Yes, the stabbing deflated the pop culture party of the year, but having a teenager run up to me to return a $10 bill that dropped from my pocket made it all better. Yes, the Starbucks counter was under-staffed, but the San Diego resturants more than made up for it. (Can you say tapas, Sangria, and real Spanish Flamenco dancers? The perfect antidote to an overstimulated day!)

But this… this picture says it all:

ComicCon Cosplay Bathroom Touchup

Right before stepping into the NBC/Universal Writers on the Verge Panel (more on that in a later post), I side-stepped into the ladies room.  When I saw these ladies all in the midst of Cosplay (that’s costume-play for you great unwashed), I couldn’t help but ask if I could take a photo.

Forget the Joss Whedon panels, the Nathan Fillion steamy readings of Castle’s latest best-seller.  Forget networks and studios trying to outdo each other with swag bags so big that their only future purpose is to be stuffed in the back of some closet collecting dust.

It’s the people, stupid.  Plain and simple.  The joy of costumes, of fellow aficionados of anything from anime to Dexter to the latest and greatest comic books.  OK, yes…ComicCon is a marketing department’s wet dream.

But it’s also a place to play, have fun, and experience sensory overload.

And yes, you should come next year – EVERYONE needs to experience San Diego ComicCon at least once in their life!