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A collection of What-Ifs covering women throughout history and how they could’ve done more… Because we’re always expected to do more, aren’t we?

by Evelyn Simak

Did that get your attention? Good. Contribute to our Kickstarter and take a walk into how history could’ve gone differently. Find out what would’ve happened if Boudica defeated the Roman Empire. Discover how Josephine Baker’s spycraft could’ve prevented WWII from the nightmare it became. Imagine where our astronaut program would be if the Mercury 13 had flown.

From eBooks to Walk-On Roles to Hangouts with the Authors to a one-on-one Sourdough Master Class

Ten bucks gets you an ebook AND your name in the acknowledgements (you too can be part of history!). Twenty-five bucks gets you the trade paperback, the ebook, and your name. But why stop there? We’re offering up some absurdly wonderful add-ons and rewards like…

What if YOU took part in Boudica’s story? Walk into her legacy in a Butlerization (our twists on the Tuckerization idea of putting acquaintances’ names in tales — in our case, the name is our homage to the extraordinary queen of speculative fiction, Octavia Butler).  For $150, you can walk into the tale of how Victoria Woodhull Martin not only campaigned for president in the 1872, you can be part of how she wins and goes onto be the first woman president of the United States. Meet with Anne Hathaway, Shakespeare’s better half on the page as well as elsewhere. Spend time with the lady bard and have your name memorialized.

For a $40 add-on, our authors are offering an online half-hour Tea. Or coffee. Or Beer. Or Hot Chocolate, Single-Malt, Wine, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, or Lemonade. Chat with one of us about writing, history, mythology, Shakespeare, NASA, Byzantium, or pretty much any subject that strikes your fancy. Pick your choice of libation—or your author—and have a virtual visit and beverage with us!

And for those who REALLY love a great add-on, I’m offering up a private Master Class series on how to make the perfect SOURDOUGH BREAD. I’ll even send you some of my epic sourdough starter aka “Sally Rise” — named for the first woman US Astronaut (and a personal hero of mine), Sally Ride. I’m also offering up copies of the writer’s draft for the episode my dad and I co-wrote for Star Trek: Next Generation – “Rascals” with the original title of “Maker of Dreams.” (Hmmmm, you’re wondering, what was supposed to happen in that episode? Join the Kickstarter and find out!)


Half the population of this planet are women. They’re your mothers, daughters, sisters, girlfriends, wives, cousins. Some of them have been your best friends. In some cases, your worst enemies. More importantly, they… WE have made critical contributions to the world since the dawn of time, and yet…

What if things had gone differently?

Imagine Jeanne d’Arc escaped the flames. How? And thanks to whom?

A true witch faces down Cotton Mather. How does that affect society?

Hypatia. Lady Diana Spencer. Anne Hathaway. Josephine Baker. Nelly Bly & Victoria Woodhull Martin. Lady Bess Raleigh. Anna Komnene. Not to mention, a scientist, Vikings and soccer players, and an Indigenous uprising.

Click on the banner below, help fund this wild storytelling ride, and find out.

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