Putting It All In Context

It’s been an insanely busy time and a productive one, too! I’ve turned in my short story for the Stargate anthology, Far Horizons, coming out later this fall from Fandemonium. I’ve made headway on rewriting my thesis although a recent detour occurred thanks to some technological advancements that I want to reflect in the story. I’m also involved with two collaborative projects — each of which are inching forward: a television pilot and a book proposal for a new post SG-1 series. I’m also eeking out a separate outline for a post SG-1 novel that’s a bit nuts, but that’s my middle name: nuts.

context27Packing up for this weekend’s Context Convention in Columbus, OH where I’ll run a few writing workshops and sit in on a panel.  Unlike the pop culture fangirl conventions that I appear at through the year, this is a horse of a different color. Context is all about the written word. Authors, writers about to break in, book fans… We all mingle, celebrate, and learn about the writing craft.

If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by!

Friday, Sept 26th, 5 to 6pm
Screenwriting Techniques That Help Every Writer

Saturday, Sept 27th, 10am to 1pm
Self-Editing, Revisions, & Rewriting

2pm – Podcasting Panel
w/ Scott Sandridge and Matt Wagner

7 to 10pm
Crafting the Compelling Plot