TV/Film Production & Screenwriting Internships (in the US)

Why do internships matter? Because as much as what you know (and what talent you can bring) will help you climb UP the ladder, you first need to land on a rung. That’s where internships can help. A well-placed internship is an opportunity to meet, connect, and network with potential employers (i.e. production companies, studios, etc.). While the following is by no means an exhaustive list, it’s a place to start if you’re currently in undergrad or graduate college and/or about to graduate.

Screenwriting Internships:
Walt Disney Studios Screenwriting Internship
NBC Writing Internship Program
CBS Writers Mentoring Program
Sundance Screenwriters Lab

TV/Film Production Internships:
Television Academy Internships
Paley Center for Television Internships
NBC Page Program
Disney Professional Internships
Universal Studios Production Internship
Paramount Pictures Internship Programs
Warner Bros Production Internships

I’ll keep adding to the list, but if you have any suggestions, by all means, please contact me at diana AT